Southport Lions Foundation, Inc. Vision Assistance Program

Welcome to our new Internet vision assistance program sponsored by the Southport Lions Foundation, Inc.  Every year the Board of Directors of the Lions Foundation budgets a fixed amount of funds to be used for assisting those in need who have vision problems.


This program involves the support of local optometrists and opticians who are willing to reduce their normal rates to assist us, along with the statewide North Carolina Lions Foundation, to provide assistance.  Here is how it works:


1.     Click on the button below and fill in the required information.  You may either print and sign this form and send it to our P.O. Box, or email it to us after certifying the information since your emailed form will not have a signature.

2.     Your form submission will then be thoroughly evaluated by members of our Vision Assistance Committee considering your need for help and the availability of funds.  During this process you may be contacted for more information by one of our committee members.

3.     Once a decision has been made by the committee, you will be notified!  If your request is denied, you will be given a reason.

4.     Approved applicants will be sent to one of our participating optometrists for an eye examination.  Any script written for vision correction must be taken to one of our participating opticians.  If you choose to fill the script with another optician, help from the Lions Foundation to obtain your glasses may not be available.

Vision Assistance Form

   Vision Assistance Geographical Coverage Map


Other Notes:


        The Southport Lions Foundation only has a limited amount of money each year to donate to vision assistance, therefore;

        Not every submitted application will receive our assistance.

        If you live in areas outside of Southport such as Leland, Bolivia, and Shallotte, your application will be referred to the local Lions Club in those communities.

        We have local free vision screening programs for adults at the Brunswick Senior Center here in Southport.  The schedule for these screenings may be found in the State Port Pilot or on our website home page ( under Calendar.