Vision Screening               

The Southport Lions are proud to announce the beginning of a new vision-screening program. This program was begun in order to reach more of the community during various year-round activities. Our vision program gives the club the opportunity to devote more emphasis on the very purpose of the Lions as being the "Protectors of Vision."


Eye ChartWe now have the ability to hold vision screenings year-round in various locations. From the festivals and events downtown to the schools in the county, everyone can have the chance to have their eyes checked to see the level of vision they are able to achieve. This, of course, does not constitute a full eye exam but it is a wonderful tool in recognizing individuals who may be in need of further attention.


Children are especially important to be checked regularly. As we grow, our vision can change and cause us difficulties in various areas of life. Some problems begin very early, even when we are learning to read. Some people who have a vision problem may not read as well as others and can have difficulty keeping their place in the text. This will cause extended reading times as well as lower reading comprehension, and it can affect the child's performance in school. Other children sometimes have one better eye than the other. If this is the case, the brain will sometimes suppress the poorer eye so that the better one does most of the work. As the brain develops the sense of vision for each eye, if one side is not clear it will not develop fully and the individual may have problems with depth perception as well and reading limitations for their entire life.


Through the SightFirst program, Lions are upgrading and establishing eye health care systems in underserved areas worldwide. The program is having a significant impact on eliminating and controlling the leading causes of preventable blindness.  To learn more about what the SightFirst program is, visit: .


If you or your organization is interested in scheduling an Eye Screening through our Lions Club, please email us by clicking on the button below.