visitor center

The Southport Visitor Center is located in the Garrison House located on the Fort Johnston grounds.  Extremely important to our Lions Club, is the concept known as the “Community Store,” which was presented to and approved by the Southport Board of Aldermen in late 2002.  The “Community Store” was created in the Visitor Center as a place where non-profit organizations would be able to sell items with proceeds going back to the surrounding community to aid people in need. In order for the “Community Store” to be successful, space was needed to display the items, and most importantly, the volunteers who staff the center would have to be willing to collect the money and separate it by organization.

The Visitor Center is an ideal place for the location of the “Community Store” as over 50,000 visitors pass through it each year and buy some of the items on display.  In addition, by having these items for sale in the Center, it has become a hub of activity for local residents who also purchase the items.  Thus the Visitor Center is much more than a place to assist tourists; it has also become a very important place for local residents.

This is where visitors and local residents can always buy Lions Club products year-round or drop off no longer needed eyeglasses in the donation box provided.  The next time you are downtown, stop by the Visitor Center to drop off old eyeglasses or buy some of the following items:

Boat Flyer 2015
Boat Tickets


Eyeglasses Donation Box Locations
Christmas Ornaments